About Giesen Winery Estate

Giesen Winery Estate is proudly owned and operated by the Giesen family whom migrated to New Zealand in the 1980’s and started wine making in Marlborough, New Zealand. During the last 30 years Giesen Winery Estate has become: 2nd largest family owned and operated winery and the 6th largest overall winery in NZ (3% of all NZ wine exports), Silent achievers of the NZ wine industry (95% exported), Vertically integrated supply chain; Vineyards, winery, bottling line, warehousing become Sauvignon Blanc Specialists with over 7 varying styles and In the last 3 years have gone down a path of innovation from small batch wines to cider and beer with Global distribution into 33 countries with Largest markets Australia , US and the UK.
Growing up in Germany as the sons of a stonemason may not be the most likely start for the founders of a New Zealand winery, but when you look closer, wine is practically running in Theo, Alex, and Marcel Giesen’s veins. For centuries, their family members have been involved in the culinary and wine trades, as sommeliers, restaurateurs, and other related careers. As youths, the boys had a hobby vineyard that first ignited their interest in grapes.
While Alex and Theo were initially traveling abroad in Australia and then through New Zealand, they quickly fell in love with the lands. The brothers noticed a limited range of wines available during a chance visit to a local wine shop, with most bottles from the warmer North Island. Alex and Theo agreed the cooler climate of the South Island would be an ideal place to grow certain wines like Riesling, a popular German varietal. This was the catalyst to purchase their first land, in Burnham on the outskirts of Christchurch.
Today, we’re proud to have operations throughout the Marlborough region. Our company is built on the brothers’ shared passion and family values – every member of the Giesen Wines team works together on building up and maintaining the reputation of the Giesen name worldwide.